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Email Marketing Management

E-mail marketing is a proven method of keeping your current client base informed about your business, services, products, as well as sales and promotions. We offer premium, complete email marketing management services, which enables your company to profile prospective clients, reach local geo-targeted audiences, and deploy targeted campaigns through our in-house email system.

Performance-Based Marketing

YesUp provides a full e-flyer service to our clients, that includes the e-flyer design and programming, the set-up and dispatch of the email campaign, followed by a detailed report on the results. We regularly send out thousands of e-flyers for businesses, and we are well-versed in Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation and best email marketing practices.

Pay per call offers a great new opportunity for companies to reach online consumers. Companies can use our platform to track the performance of their online media buys, paid search initiatives, and overall website performance.

More local business are eager to use online coupons as a simple, cost-effective way to attract local customers. To ensure a business coupon promotion reaches enough people in your local area, our deal/coupon posting service helps businesses to create, distribute your deals and coupons, and track redemption rates.

Interactive Advertising

If your goal is branding to a wide audience on the Internet, our display advertising is a great way to reach and inform your target audiences with advertisement on popular websites.

Geo-Driven Targeting: Big Data Driven:

Pay per click advertising is a very popular strategy where the ads with the highest bids are placed in a prominent location on a content-related website. With pay per click advertising, you only pay for the amount of people who actually click on your advertisement.

Geo-Driven Targeting: Big Data Driven:

Performance-based CPA approach ensures advertisers pay only when a lead is generated. As a leading performance-based network, YesUp Media Inc. oversees thousands of successfully promoted campaigns around the world. We have spent years developing proficiency in driving online visitors and increasing results.

Geo-Driven Targeting: Big Data Driven:

Compared to other marketing channels, email is less expensive and provides an immediate impact on sales. Our email marketing software can collect lots of marketing information about your subscribers. By using this information, you can personalize your email content and filter recipients before you send out your messages.