Flyer distribution and printing at the best price in the GTA

Our Customized flyer distribution packages help clients decide on the best marketing strategy for their business by integrating multiple distribution channels into a custom program designed to serve specific business needs. Whether clients need solo mail, ad mailers, target co-op mail, Saver Pages flyer distribution, or email distribution, we have the service mix to help businesses get the most from their marketing dollar.

You can reach your target customers in your area, on your budget. YesUp can directly deliver your messages to front doors or mailboxes, or even to their email inbox, at a low cost. We guarantee accuracy and the lowest price no matter the budget. And consultations are free!


Shopping cart ads are one of the most affordable and effective ways for your business to get their names out to the target market. These ads provide continuous advertising throughout the duration of a shopping trip—a moving billboard that advertises indoors and outdoors!


Check out lane dividers provide a low-cost, high-returns ad for your brand. With 4-3 separate sides, you can craft a creative message that offers some variety each time shoppers check out.


Fully customizable LED advertising panels can easily expose potential customers to your brand. Retailers can feature products, promotions and other information in a prominent position at the front of the store to communicate with customers at the very moment they enter.

  • • Target the people most likely to do business with you (Those within your area or within a specific demographic)
  • • 85% of your customers live within 10 miles of the local supermarket where they shop
  • • Place your ad directly in front of your prospective buyers while they shop and check out
  • • We expose your name and message to a guaranteed 50,000-70,000 families per week

Our professional consultant will help you review the feasibility of using the checkout lane divider advertising and guide you to the correct program design to meet your specific objectives.

SAVER PAGES is the largest door-to-door flyer distribution service, covering all of the GTA and York Region areas, distributed through Metroland.

The #1 advertising group and most successful flyer distribution organization in Ontario, member of FDSA (Flyer Distribution Standards Association) http://www.fdsa-canada.org/ You may pick any target areas to distribute your flyer. The distribution through different community newspapers of Metroland.

SAVER PAGES guarantees the lowest cost over any other flyer distributions. Door-to-door flyer distribution is the most effective and direct marketing tool to increase the sales revenue, but the cost is relatively high. Saver Pages makes the cost lower than 1 cent per flyer, including distribution and printing.

SAVER PAGES is the flyer jacket with highest visibility over all flyers. It's the first flyer households will see when they receive the Saver Bag.

SAVER PAGES provides the most accurate distribution services to advertisers, with verification every week to guarantee delivery. We have more than 20,000 carriers to deliver to every house in the GTA and York Regions. Our professional audit team will make a visual check and call check every week.

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Jointly launched with the #1 Chinese Website in Canada, Yorkbbs.ca
Belong to our own Chinese Canadian lifestyle magazine

Life Style magazine is a luxurious Chinese magazine in Canada, printed on glossy paper, and distributed through the Great Toronto Area to the Chinese community. The main purpose is to provide valuable information (shopping, home, food, wellness and our community events) to Chinese immigrants, helping all Chinese immigrants to enjoy a Canadian lifestyle. Life Style magazine will provide great deals, discounts and info about Ontario, while helping shoppers finds great savings without searching everywhere for coupons. All articles and information are edited by our professional editorial team, who take lots of time and effort every issue. We believe our magazine will improve the life style of every reader and help all Chinese people enjoy a Canadian lifestyle.

A Unique and Targeted Advertising Channel

Through hard copies of the magazine and the online version (published on Yorkbbs.ca), directly send your image and ads to your potential customers.


Life Style is filled with the latest trends and information, with a variety of holiday coupons. Your potential customers will want to keep the magazine around for reference.

Maximize you Chinese population coverage

Focus on your potential customers with the most diverse communication channels covering more than 380,000 Chinese Canadians.

The best time for distribution

Send to your potential customers on time within high demand period of every season.


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